May 3, 2021

CMA INTER – Customs ACT By CA Pranav Chandak

CMA INTER – Customs ACT Revision Notes By CA Pranav Chandak

From Author: CA Pranav chandak

 After knowing the problems faced by CMA Inter students for whom “Special reference book was not available” & thus they had to study from CA – Final book which consists of many concepts which are not applicable for CMA Inter, we have considered making “Special Reference Book” of Customs Act for CMA Inter students.
 This Book covers 100% syllabus of Customs Act as given in Study Material issued by the institute & contains each & every relevant word given in the Study Material of CMA Intermediate.
 While drafting this book, special care has been taken to include only such portion which is APPLICABLE FOR CMA – Inter Exams.
 I personally feel that Students should revise any subject at least twice before the final revision.

Auhtor: CA Pranav chandak

No Of pages: 42

File Size: 3 MB

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