Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation and Winding Up

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    Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation and Winding Up summary notes by CS Vaibhav Chitlangia

    About Author:
    CS Vaibhav Chitlangia is one of the very few people to have completed the Company Secretary Course at the age of 21 with All India Ranks at all the three levels. He got the All India Rank 15 in Foundation Programme (June 2016), All India Rank 22 in Executive Programme (June 2017) and All India Rank 04 in the Professional Programme (June 2018).
    Vaibhav’s interests include Mergers and Amalgamations, Competition Laws and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, amongst others. He also has prior experience in teaching subjects like Corporate Restructuring and Resolution of Corporate Disputes to the students of CS Professional Programme. He believes that
    “the only impediment in the path of success is a person’s own mind; if that is controlled, every feat is achievable”

    Author: CS Vaibhav Chitlangia (YES ACADEMY)

    Book Size: 3MB

    Number of Pages: 379 Pages

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